Optimize your environment.

Who are we?

Angelic Home Flow strives to optimize your environment by offering a wide variety of housekeeping and organizational services. We are a husband & wife team of military veterans with 13 years of professional experience ready to help get your home flowing efficiently. We are flexible, adaptable, and communicative working closely with you to guarantee that all of your spaces are properly maintained and functional. 

Why do we care?

They say cleanliness is godliness. Having a clean and organized home or office is the first step in optimizing your life. We'll come prepared with our own equipment & supplies, and as part of our procedures, we are happy to keep your temple clean with our homemade, non-toxic cleaning products. Whether you need a total overhaul of a space or just some regular cleaning, we will arrive promptly and energetically, primed to tackle any situation. Breathe easy and enjoy the clean house magic!

How can we help?

Organizing - We'll find a home for every item in your space, and arrange them so they serve you the most efficiently.

Decluttering - If you no longer have use for an item, perhaps it can find a new life in someone else's temple.            

Cleaning - You can count on us to get your entire home looking shiny and smelling good.

Sanitizing - Using a mix of vinegar, iso alcohol, & distilled water, we can sanitize any non-porous surface as we clean.

Deep Cleans - We'll snatch the dust and dirt from every crack and crevice in your home.

Steam Cleans - Your floors, carpets, curtains, and upholstery could all use a little extra love.

Laundry - We can wash, fold, & iron your mountain of clothes, and take specialty items to the cleaners/laundromat.

Dishes - If the never-ending pile of dishes seems daunting after a long day, we'll wash and put them away for you. 

Move In/Move Out - We'll pack you up and unpack you in your new home, ensuring optimization from the start, and we'll give both homes a clean reset.

Misc./Just Ask! - We're a Jack & Jill of all trades. Let us know whatever you need, and we'll do our very best to make it happen.

What is the Flow?

During your free in-person client consultation, we will go through a comprehensive checklist to better understand the goals that you have for each space of your house. After we have been introduced to each space, we will devise a plan of action according to your unique priorities. Once the initial optimization has been completed in a space, we will continue to maintain the efficiency of the area. Whether you want a little or a lot, or anything in between, we've got you covered.

Visualize the Flow

Fridge | Pantry

This client wanted to start prepping their meals and stop forgetting about their fruits & vegetables, leaving them to rot. A healthy start that could use a little more organization.

By using clear glass jars and bins, food becomes more visible. Proper storage of produce increases shelf life and accessibility, minimizing waste. A delicious and nutritious snack is right at your fingertips!

This pantry was unable to provide ease of access to many ingredients. The produce was spoiling due to some foods producing gases that speed up ripening in other foods.

Now, food is free from its original packaging, and stored in airtight containers. identified and in reach. Incompatible fruits & vegetables are stored away from each other, extending freshness.

Spice Cabinets | Tea + Coffee 

This person likes to throw it down in the kitchen, and needed to bring some order to the chaos.

Turntables provided space saving functionality and clear spice jars let you know when you're running low.

This client wanted better use of their teas and supplements. The opaque baskets kept items hidden away - out of sight, out of mind.

Bringing these herbs out of their bags and into their own labelled jars, and displaying them on tiered shelves breathes new life and efficiency into this "medicine" cabinet.

Dishes and Countertops

A hectic schedule slowed this family from staying on top of the dishes. They barely had time to empty the dishwasher, let alone empty the sink.

With everything clean and stowed, this kitchen is ready to make the next great meal.


The mother's intention for this space was to provide their child with a playful room of their own. She wanted them to start becoming more independent at bedtime but didn't know where to begin.

With a little shuffling of furniture, we opened up the space increasing room for activities. By displaying their favorite toys and photos, we were able to create an environment in which the child felt safe, especially at night. Now this kid is sleeping confidently in style - and not in Mom's bed! 


Life happens fast and countertops get cluttered. A bathroom should offer a clean place to refresh and reset.

After finding a place for everything, we finished it off with a scrub and a shine.

Garage | Storage Area

This client wanted a space where they could get into the zone and strengthen their body. The clutter distracts attention and inhibits good energy flow.

Using vertical space allowed us to house all of the items being stored here on a rack, and display a collection of arms on the garage door, significantly increasing the surface area available for exercise.


We like to keep things simple and clean - instead of charging for each task, we charge a flat hourly rate. You decide how often you'd like us to come by, and for how long you'd like us to stay. Every appointment, we'll tackle areas in order of your priorities as stated in your consultation checklist. Feel free to contact us at your convenience and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.